Number 1 place to visit in the world! (by ny times). Superb reliable wind ( 80% chance of 20 – 30 knots ). Stay in villa right at the spot inside minertone golf resort at frontline.
Numerous possibilities for activities and trips. Stunnig table mountain view. Great coummunity feeling at villa.

A luxurious villa awaits you with stylish guest rooms, huge living room with kitchen,rooftop terrace braai (BBQ) area with stunning table view, pool. Surf in Cape villa is located in Sunset Beach inside Minertone Golf resort, just a few meters from the beach and one of the best kitesurfing spots in Cape Town.

Spot just outside your door is 8km long sandy beach with waves from 1 to 3 meters with nice flats between them. You can either surf waves with your kite, or practise freestyle. Freeriders can enjoy long downwind ride and finish at popular Doodles bar. We organise transport back to villa for you.

windyWe stay and guide you through your entire stay in Cape Town. You will not only know where to go kitesurfing, but also we make the best out of your stay and regularly coordinates fun activities with you. Also your non-kitesurfing company will welcome this. Cape Town is fun for everyone!

No wonder, Cape Town is winter choice of majority professional kiteboarders and you can kite or drink with them on regular basis.

Cape Town is a kitesurfing holiday destination that ticks all the boxes.

Don’t hesitate, contact us and book your perfect kitesurf holiday today. We organise accommodation in villa, airport transport, and help you with booking flight ticket. Enjoy luxury kite holiday with Surfincape for unbeatable price.

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Surf in Cape Villa
Cape Town, Sunset beach, South Africa

Why choose us ?

Enjoy Cape Town to its fullest! Accommodation in Surfincape luxurius villa right on the Sunset Beach is ideal for kitesurfing, windsurfing, golf or even lazy days on this beautiful seaside. Villa is located in a safe part of the city within the golf resort Minerton. With it’s position it takes only 10 minutes to the city center. Spacious modern interior, swimming pool, wonderful roof terrace, large kitchen with all the facilities you can ask for and kite storage are waiting for you to make you feel comfy and full of energy for the windy days. Do you still hesitate to came and enjoy all this with us?

Surfincape Villa Cape Town:

The villa is equipped with 5 bedrooms with a total capacity of 10 people. The spacious kitchen is adapted to this capacity, and everyone will find its own storage space. Large living room with chill sofas and a large flat screen TV  for you to watch the pics of the day or the last kitesurfing movie, crate an immediate feeling of friendly community.

Swimming pool and a rooftop terrace with BBQ is available for everybody throughout your stay in Surfincape villa. Imagine tasty grilled steak with a glass of wine on the rooftop terrace as the end of the day full of kiting, doesn’t it sound good?
Apart of you guys, we dare to think on your equip as well. There is quite big kite storage available for all of you and you don’t have to walk far, as the storage is a part of the house.

Meals as you wish:

You can choose between several options. One of them is to cook a meal at home in the kitchen with all its facilities. You don’t have to walk far to buy what you need to prepare a tasty meal right in the villa. The second option that we also strongly recommend is to taste local meals in nearby restaurants. Food here is really delicious, it does not cost much and certainly is worth to try. Last but not least option are typical South African barbecues called “braai”, that we periodically organise in a Surfincape villa.


Price in our luxurious villa starts from 35€ / person / night. You can choose from three holiday packages or customise your holiday as you wish. Find more information about our offer in the section Pricing or contact us.

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spotCape Town is different than most other kitesurfing locations in the world. Kitesurfing in Cape Town is about variety. This is why most of the best professional kitesurfers are in Cape Town during our season. Cape Town offers more than 30 superb kitesurfing beaches with a huge variety of conditions: flat water, downwind spots, small waves, high waves, warm and cool water. 


Right outside the door you will find the Sunset Beach, a spot that would actually be enough for a two-week kite trip. Depending on the swell, there are waves from one to several meters. Sunset Beach is more suitable for advanced kitesurfer. You will find there nice, long, “glassy-flats” in between the waves. You can really take a run for the next wave kicker, or enjoy kiting with surf board.

The bay starting on Sunset Beach runs approximately six kilometers long to Blouberg beach. This bay is again divided into different sections – Dolphin Beach, Table View, Kitebeach. This creates awesome downwinder conditions. Just launch your kite in front of villa and enjoy 6 km downwinder, no hassle with going back upwind, just riding waves and boosting high jumps. After that grab some drinks at Doodles and we organize transport back to villa. Surf in Cape villa is the perfect base for starting a downwinder up north.

WINDThe wind conditions in and around Cape Town are very reliable (70 – 90 %) with wind speeds usually between 20-30 knots with the strongest wind coming between 2 and 6 in the evenings. The wind starts at noon (so you can sleep late or relax in the morning exploring the area) and hits the south – homespot Sunset Beach – at first. Generelly the further north you go, the less wind.
Quite different conditions can be found at the shallow water spot of Langebaan. Here in about an hour drive from the SIC villa, even beginners will find a beautiful lagoon area, but it can get busy, especially during high season.

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Choose one of three packages we offer! Either Holiday, Kite Holiday or Kite Camp package, all according to your individual requirements. The prices for packages are calculated for 10 day stay. If you plan to stay longer or shorter, the price will be adjusted by 35 € / person / night for accommodation + price for any additional services if chosen. During your stay we will be available right on the place, to give you advice not only where to go kiting, but also how to enjoy your stay to the fullest. Price does not include insurance and plane ticket, but if necessary we are keen to help you with the right choice and purchase.


We teach in shallow water in Langebaan lagoon. Shallow and flat water speed up your progress in combination with walkie talkie inside helmet you become real kitesurfer in no time. Just bring your swimwear, towel and sunscreen. One day kitesurfing course last 3 hours respectively 5 hours if there are two students for one instructor.

1-day kitesurfing course – 140€ (3h/5h)
2-day kitesurfing course – 220€ (6h/10h)
3-day kitesurfing course – 310€ (9h/15h)
4-day kitesurfing course – 390€ (12h/20h)
5-day kitesurfing course – 460€ (15h/25h)
Private lesson- 50€/1h

Kite + board + harness – 60€/day
Kite only – 40€/day
Surfboard – 15€/day
Twintip – 13€/day



375per person
  • 10 Nights in villa 

Kite Holiday

550 per person
  • 10 Nights in villa 
  • Airport transfer
  • Kite/Tour guide
  • Downwind trips TAXI

Kite Camp

750 per person
  • 10 Nights in villa 
  • Airport transfer
  • Kite/Tour guide
  • Downwind trips TAXI
  • Surfboard rental
  • Kitespots transfer
  • Kiting with instructor


ENTRY DOCUMENTS AND VISA. Please keep In mind that you need a passport valid for at least another 6 months until expiry, which has two empty pages. You will get the visa for South Africa directly at the airport for 50 US$. New entry rules apply for children under 18 since 1st of October 2014. Children under the age of 18 need a notarized birth certificate (International birth certificate) in English in order to enter the country. Single traveling parents have to carry a letter of consent by the missing parent with them. This document has to be signed by a notary in the South African embassy.

VACCINATION AND DOCTOR. When traveling to Cape Town you don’t need any special vaccination. Medical care there is quality and easily accessible.

TRANSFER. You have a choice of three different possibilities of how to get from airport to the mansion: 1. A transfer company can pick you up from the airport and bring you directly to the Surf in Cape vila (30 EUR per car per way, max. of 3 people). 2. You can also take a taxi from the airport. 3. You can also book a rental car during the booking process. A driver will bring you in the rental car from the airport to the villa.

CURRENCY. You can pay In the South African currency rand, with US-Dollars, with your credit cards (Visa and Mastercard) or get money from an ATM machine with your debit card.

CATERING & MORE. The mansion has a huge kitchen, which is open to everybody. There are many shopping stores near by. Going out to eat is de-licious and doesn’t cost much. Definitely wortht it. Overall, the costs per day vary in bewtween 20 – 50 €.

ELECTRICITY AND INTERNET CONNECTION. In our villa the voltage used is 220 V Plug-types are D and M – so you better bring an adapter (220 V to 230 V). You can use internet for free via W-Lan in the common areas throughout the villa.

KITESURFING. What kite sizes do I have to bring? A male kiter (level 6 or 7), who weighs approx. 80kg, needs: 6 – 12qm (most used kite size 8qm)

THE SPOTS. Villa is located inside Minertone golf resort at frontline, just a few steps from Sunset Beach. You can launch your kite and start to ride there. Big Bay is a 10 minute can drive away from the villa. These spots just outside your door are suitable for advance kiters because wind here is rather strong and waves can reach from one to three meters. Best spot for beginners is Langebaan, which is about an hour drive. There you find flat and shallow water.

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Mobile: (Ivo) : +421 904 464 811 I (Byron): +27 (82) 5522411

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